Requirements for placement of graduate qualification works of seekers for higher education in the university repository eaDNURT

Code of academic integrity of DNURT

Tips for using Unicheck

Letter and Analytical Note of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 1/9-263 dated 20.05.20 “On the issue of avoiding problems and mistakes in the practice of ensuring academic integrity”

Order No. 21 of 28.07.20 “On filling the eaDNURT university repository with graduate qualification works”

Check procedure of graduate qualification works

On the organizational aspects of plagiarism check of graduate qualification works

Sites to check your work for plagiarism:

1) Advego Plagiatus

One of the best and fastest programs for checking any text for uniqueness. Checks text fragments up to 10,000 characters for free. More than 10,000 characters – the check is paid. There is also the possibility of spell check and seo-analysis.

2) Сontent-watch

The service calculates the overall text uniqueness as a percentage, as well as the uniqueness of each found page with matches. It is possible to see which parts of the text were found on each of the analyzed pages. The text length is restricted up to 3000 characters (10,000 characters after registration); up to 5 requests per day for one user (20 after registration).

3) Etxt Antiplagiat 

Analogue of Advego Plagiatus, text check is longer, but it is checked more carefully. You do not need to register for online check. Based on the proposed options, the overall text uniqueness is calculated as a percentage, as well as the uniqueness of each found page with matches.

4) Plagiarisma

Plagiarism check program. A very important advantage is that the resource supports more than 190 languages. The service is free.

5) Unicheck (за договором з установою)

Online service for checking the text for borrowings from open sources and the Internet. The service checks doc, docx, rtf, txt, odt, html, zip, rar, .xls, pdf formats. The program has a wide range of tools and a clear interface.